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Red, White, and Poo

Red, White, and Poo

Another Independence day come and gone here in America!  

I started the day with fretting over the perfect patriotic outfits for the entire family.  When did I become this?  I used to swear that I would never dress my children in all things matching, but instead, I upped the ante and decided my children must "coordinate" but never match.  This takes much more thought and time, both of which are at a deficit in my life.  Yet, I am a determined child myself (Carol Tuttle's 'Child Whisperer' reference), and I love a challenge and then to sit back and admire the results of my hard work. 

This 4th of July, the joke was truly on me.  We were to attend our annual 4th of July breakfast and mega slip-n-slide extravaganza at church, Dr B had to leave early to start flipping pancakes, and I was at home to get the littles and myself ready and there by 10.  I vowed to get us all dressed without yelling.  I would take a picture of the boys before we left to promptly post my celebratory sentiments on Instagram, as I knew the perfectly coordinated outfits would be marred with juice and syrup once we arrived.  It was a brilliant plan.

After herding the cats that I adoringly call my 4 sons, I arranged them on the front steps of my porch and began the ridiculous song and dance I do to desperately try for the unicorn, aka picture where all 4 boys are looking and smiling.  Knox (age 4) was doing his normal look everywhere BUT the camera and Grey (age 5) was taking his job of carefully supporting Nash (his 4 month old baby brother) so seriously that he looked more concerned than happy.  Jude (age 2), well he is also a determined child... and he was determined to make my perfectly envisioned photo op impossible.  I would have everyone looking perfectly, sitting tall and he would make a run for the door... or pet the cement bulldog... or climb on a porch rocker.  After several attempts I found myself wanting to yell... I may have let a harsh tone squeak out... then I plopped his bottom back into position with a little more gusto and there it flew.... down his leg, up his back.... POO!  Knox was appalled, Grey was terrified of contracting pink eye (don't ask), Jude was intrigued!  His hand was reaching for it... NOOOOOO!  Outfit ruined, coordination thwarted, picture sabotaged, composure lost.  I was sweating so much during the process, thank you GA humidity, that I had to clean myself up too.  Why can't they appreciate the seriousness with which I take my role as family historian!?

After the pooptastrophe, we managed to make it to the breakfast (40 minutes late).  Food was still plentiful, eggs, bacon, pancakes and juice were enjoyed by the kids... just eggs and bacon for me (yay Keto!).  The slip-n-slide was again a HUGE hit and prepped the boys for a much needed nap prior to Daddy's personal firework show that evening.  

When I look at these precious boys who are the inspiration for my inner-crazed-Mammarazi, I am filled with gratitude for the freedom I enjoy.  In those moments, to have the biggest concern be the poop stain on his Polo shirt is a blessing!  These boys have a good life, with clean water, fresh strawberries, green grass, and warm beds.  Thank you God for allowing us to win the lottery of life and live in this beautiful land.  I am an immigrant's daughter, and I do not take for granted the good life I have here.  While I fret my first world problems, I do pray that this country will not forget the creator that blessed this as a land of promise.  His influence of our founding fathers is what created our incredible Constitution!  May we do our part to preserve these freedoms, so we can continue to plan photo ops of perfectly coordinated (but not matching) kiddos on hot summer days!