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Signs of Life

Signs of Life

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. I share what I do in my sphere of influence, because I care, love, have concern, etc. Every now and then, what I share results in eye rolls or unfollows. I know that my lifestyle is not for everyone. I know that some truths challenge norms. I know some truths are unpopular. I know that change is HARD to make. I know we all struggle with guilt, so much of it unnecessarily, and when we can just shut off our “care” button, the guilt goes away temporarily… and that seems good. But, does feeling discomfort mean the source is bad? In my opinion, nope! Often it doesn’t! Getting out of comfort zones and changing our habits can create signs of LIFE!

I attended an on line business training with the amazing Jordan Schrandt. She was speaking about the signs of life, from a scientific perspective. There are 7 signs of life that apply to all living organisms.

  1. MOVEMENT - we are not created to be idle or stationary (hint… just look at how our bodies are designed). We have joints, moving parts, that need to move in order to function optimally. So, it is with all aspects of our lives. We should be constantly seeking forward movement. Becoming better, stronger, happier, closer to our creator, etc. There really is no such thing as pausing our progress… we are going to move, whether it be forward or backward. The goal = Forward.

  2. REPRODUCTION - well, there is the literal sense, as in creating offspring. If you know my story, you know I had an 11 year challenge in this area and it was painful. But, I was able to reproduce healthy habits, duplicating growth. When we are reproducing or duplicating good things in our life and passing that on to others… we are living! I will add that once I was able to make and sustain healthy changes in my life, nothing was more purpose giving than becoming a mother, giving me new appreciation for the miracle of life.

  3. SENSITIVITY - Are we detecting and reacting to change? This is where those feelings of discomfort may come from. In order to learn and grow, we sometimes have to experience growing pains. Henry Cloud says, “Our behavior changes when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.” Oh how true this rings!

  4. EXCRETION - An important part of life is routinely assessing and ridding ourselves of the JUNK. I’ve learned quite a bit in recent years about the importance of physical detoxification and the ramifications of when our body’s methylation and detoxification pathways aren’t working properly. The same applies to emotional detox. It is so important to take moments to survey what is consuming our time? Is it moving us closer to our goals? Is it good, but not best? Then dump it. Toxic relationships? Are you habitually busy, but not making time for what matters most? Take stock and make time for the things and people that keep you aligned with and growing closer to your goals.

  5. RESPIRATION - Respiration is an exchange of energy. Breathe in Oxygen and it provides fuel and energy to the blood, giving us life! We exchange energy everyday. What type of energy are we exchanging with those around us? Are we taking in and releasing positivity? negativity? What are we breathing life into? Conscious language (link below) is a book I HIGHLY recommend to open up your mind to the possibility of the power of your breath… the words that escape your tongue…

  6. FEEDING (Nutrition) - In the physical body, there are clearly things we can do to improve the quality of our life. Foods we can consume to add more nutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals,etc. or foods we can avoid because of the inflammation they cause internally. There is clean water to drink and hydrate. But, in all aspects of our life and work, there is nourishment needed. Personal development brings about so much inspiration to continue providing life to our endeavors. Mindset (link below) was a book that really got me thinking about what I am teaching myself and my children. It is truly life changing. Understanding that nurturing a growth mindset is key in achieving success in anything! Ultimately for me, there is no better personal development tool than Scripture. Reading God’s word, intended for us, and applying the parables, principles, and stories to my life is priceless. I’ve seen more miraculous changes and life restored in people, as they understand that they are a Child of God and that He is always working for their good.

  7. GROWTH - This is obviously the crowning achievement among the signs of life. GROWTH! John Maxwell said, “If we are growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” So start where you are, use what you have and do what you can to promote growth in all areas of your life. A beautiful Chinese proverb states:

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today
— Chinese proverb

One final thought on the signs of life… I’ve seen a trend towards Apathy. I believe it is apathy that often leads others to resist positive growth and change. In his visit to Harvard, the 17th Karmapa taught that he believed apathy to be the most dangerous thing in the world. When we become apathetic about our well being, dangerous consequences ensue. I believe people often shut down the “care” button because of guilt or overwhelm. I hear… “ugh… everything causes cancer these days… I give up!” or “Everyday a new study shows that <insert favorite food.> is going to kill you… I give up!” or “I’ve tried and it didn’t work… I give up!” While we are not to live in a spirit of fear, we are created to seek for light, truth, knowledge, enlightenment, and growth! Do not let your guilt or overwhelm keep you from taking baby steps towards becoming a better version of yourself! Find an accountability partner, rid your schedule/fridge/mind of some junk and make room for something better! Need an accountability partner? Talk to me goose!

Epigenetics - aka NOT a victim!

Epigenetics - aka NOT a victim!