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Ditch & Switch

Ditch & Switch

So, by now you’ve heard me talk about how eye opening our infertility journey was! If you haven’t, Go HERE.

I learned that I had to be the gate keeper of my home. I had to become educated on the difficult to pronounce words on all the labels. I learned that I had to slowly but surely get all of the Endocrine disruptors , and toxic, carcinogenic chemicals out of our home. There were in literally EVERYTHING we were using. Did you know that anything containing Fragrance or “Parfum” is code for full of scary crap that will make you and your family sick for the sake of smelling pretty!?!?!?!? It felt overwhelming! I felt betrayed! Products marketed as “natural” and “pure” were full of junk too! So, how did I do it. How did I finally achieve a healthy toxin-free home?

  1. I DITCHED CANDLES - and switched to using diffusers and the world’s most potent and pure Essential Oils! Therapeutic grade Essential oils not only smell amazing, but provide health BENEFITS! Way better than the respiratory distress and other harm that fragrance filled candles contain.

  2. I DITCHED CONVENTIONAL CLEANERS - and switched to the AMAZING Thieves Household Cleaner. It is insanely versatile, effective, and SAFE! You could literally drink it and be just fine! I have a ton of recipes for how to use it for just about every cleaning application and it cost me less than any cleaner I’ve ever used… pennies on the dollar! Also, can we say KonMari for cleaners… it brings such joy to have so few bottles under the sink!

  3. I DITCHED THE OTC MEDICATIONS - and switched to body system supporting Essential oils and Essential oil infused supplements. When I have a headache, I ditch the Ibuprofen and use Panaway Essential Oil blend to find soothing relief for an aching head. When I have a stomach ache, I ditch Pepto bismol and use Digize Essential oil (just 2 drops in a shot of water) for instant relief from nausea, bloating, and cramps and take Life 9 probiotic before bed. When I have trouble falling asleep, I ditch the Unisom and rub Valor on my neck and shoulders and put Lavender + Frankincense in my diffuser for a restful night’s sleep.

  4. I DITCHED CHEMICAL LADEN PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS - and switched to Young Living’s amazing line of skin care, mineral make-up, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, body butters, etc. My skin has never been so happy at 40 and I often have a blast making customized DIY body butters, lip scrubs, lip balms, etc. which is SO easy with Essential oils.

  5. I DITCHED DRYER SHEETS - and swapped them for Wool dryer balls scented with…. you guess it!… Essential oils!!! Dryer sheets are among some of the most toxic things we use. They are sheets full of toxins that we saturate our clothes in and our clothes transfer that to our skin! Wool dryer balls like these make it so easy to have fresh smelling clothes with only benefits!

All of this was made possible ON A BUDGET by enrolling in the Essential Rewards program of Young Living. Its a subscription box that can be canceled at anytime (think Hello Fresh or Stitch fix for your toxin free home needs). You can fully customize it every month and steadily make these important swaps with some of the highest quality, organic, truly natural pure plant-based products. My Essential Rewards box is my happiest HAPPY MAIL. I get cheapest, fastest shipping, earn points back to spend like cash on FREE products and earn FREE products with my purchase each month. I also receive loyalty gifts for being on the program at 3,6,9, and 12 months. I’ve been on this program for 4 years now and I’m never looking back. Its been a game changer in our home! When you sign up for your own wholesale membership (think Costco for all of your organic plant-based goodness) you can count your Premium starter kit as your first month on Essential rewards and GET A 13th OIL FOR FREE! Young Living seriously knows how to love on its members. I love to help people make a wellness plan and budget with Essential rewards. I can’t wait to help you plan out how you are going to tackle your health needs and create a toxin-free home. So, just follow this LINK to get started and I’ll get working on preparing my gifts for you as a Thank you! which includes reference materials, tons of DIY recipes, my personal coaching and access to one of the best Facebook communities around our “Oil Empowered” educational group. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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Epigenetics - aka NOT a victim!

Epigenetics - aka NOT a victim!

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