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How to Smell "Clean" -  DIY Toxin Free Perfume

How to Smell "Clean" - DIY Toxin Free Perfume

Did you know that the average woman applies over 300 synthetic chemicals to her body each day, and the majority of those are before breakfast!!!! These chemicals are known hormone disruptors, allergens, and carcinogens (as in causes CANCER)! The biggest offenders - go check your labels now - are anything ending in paraben, sulfates, pthalates, and FRAGRANCE (Parfum).

Here is the maddening part… there is next to no oversight about what is being put in our personal care products. Labels can basically claim what they want, using words like “natural” while only containing 10% plant based products combined with 90% synthetic death and destruction. Synthetic fragrances are mostly crude oil petroleum based nastiness with cancer causing benzenes and aldehydes. If you haven’t watched the documentary STINK… you owe it to yourself and your family to do so! Considering the affects of exposure to toxic chemicals that begin accumulating IN UTERO… we HAVE to do better!

Would like to take another step in protecting your family from Allergies, Asthma, Infertility (and other hormonal issues), and Cancer? Oh good! Good answer! So, let’s get talking alternatives…

Our family has chosen to replace anything containing Fragrance with 100% plant based products that gain their appealing scents from therapeutic grade Essential oils!

It is SO much easier than you realize to create your own perfume by combining Essential oils. When I talk Essential oils, I can only speak for the purity of Young Living as protected by the Seed to Seal promise.

You are going to combine a base, middle and top note. It is recommended that you combine the desired drops of each oil in your glass container and then allow those aromas to rest together for 24 - 72 hours before adding your distilled water or alcohol. If I am being honest, I let mine rest about 30 seconds before I top them off and begin spraying my body, linens, and room with the delicious concoction!

To mix up an easy and customizable perfume, Add 12-15 drops of your base note of choice, 25-30 drops of your mid note, and 12-15 drops of your top note to a 4oz. glass spray bottle. Adding a teaspoon of Vanilla can add a really nice balance. You will want to top off with Distilled water and can add a half ounce of 190 proof alcohol for preservation of the fragrance. I actually use only distilled water because of how quickly I run through my 4oz bottle as I use my “signature scent” on linens, fabric, and rugs, as well.

Check out these graphics to get an idea of all the many combinations you could concoct. The best part… when using therapeutic Essential oils, not only are they NOT harmful… they are BENEFICIAL! They contain constituents proven to provide immune health, sleep and emotional support just to name a few.

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Happy mixing my friends! I’d love to hear what your favorite combo is in the comments below! My personal favorite is a mix of Cedarwood, Lavender, Tangerine and Vanilla.

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