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Pregnancy Pro tips - #2 Prepare and Labor with Essential Oils

Pregnancy Pro tips - #2 Prepare and Labor with Essential Oils

I bet you are SHOCKED that I am suggesting that you consistently use Essential Oils to prepare for birth and to support throughout labor, delivery and beyond!? (insert sarcasm)

But, after 5 pregnancies, I would be a terrible friend to you all if I did not share my specific favorites and how I like to use them! So, let's dive in!

1st trimester support:

So, we all need a little energy and tummy support in those first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  Did you know that the pharmaceuticals often prescribed during pregnancy to help alleviate nausea and vomiting have been linked to a myriad of issues, including birth defects!?!?  For that reason, I steer clear of the typical remedies and reach for my risk free options.

This 5th pregnancy brought some increased "all day sickness" and when chasing around 4 other kiddos, I just had to find some relief.  Mixing vitality oils like Lemon and Peppermint, safe for ingestion, into seltzer water with 2 oz. of my Antioxidant power juice called Ningxia Red (super high in B vitamins which can really help!) was so refreshing and effective! 

The right diffuser blends were also really helpful - check out this graphic below for a few of my favorites!

YL 1st trimester.png

2nd trimester support:

When you feel like you can finally eat and drink again without consequences, nutrition is SO important.  Folate (as in the whole food version of synthetic Folic Acid - which is not so good for most people) is a very important vitamin to ensure you get plenty of in pregnancy.  Low folate levels have been linked to neural tube defects and other issues.  So, get those leafy greens in and if necessary supplement to get adequate amounts - again looking for a plant based WHOLE FOOD supplement with Folate NOT Folic Acid!

DId you know that baby's gut flora is established when passing through the birthing canal and being exposed to the normally and naturally occurring bacteria in this area?  For this reason, it is incredibly important that Mom do what she can to establish healthy gut flora.  Avoid antibiotics that kill not only bad but good gut bacteria, take a daily high quality probiotic, and eat low inflammatory foods high in nutrients to help heal and nourish the gut.  

Oils that support my energy, focus and calm are my favorites during this time.  So, En-R-Gee I place on the soles of my feet in the morning and afternoon, Citrus Fresh is a staple in my diffuser, Jade Lemon and Bergamot are others I combine or diffuse alone and wear on diffuser jewelry because they simultaneously soothe and energize me and smell DIVINE!  I love a drop of Orange Vitality on my toothbrush that I have covered in Thieves Aromabright toothpaste, it is a gentle enamel-safe whitener and keeps those sensitive pregnancy gums so happy!   

YL 2nd trimester update.png

3rd trimester support:

This is when I really hunker down and ensure that my travel oil bag is packed with all the essentials and that I'm prepping my mind and body for Labor & Delivery.  So, let's talk the specifics:

  • Geranium - this oil is amazing to support the tissue that gets the biggest stretch in delivery.  I apply this with carrier oil to "that area" daily in the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy and during labor, I apply it to a warm compress when I sit on the birthing ball to ensure I'm giving that area all the support.  The results - MAGIC!
  • Valor - this is the star of the show when in actual labor... but, when those fears and apprehensions sneak in concerning baby's impending arrival, this is my "go to" oil to help alleviate emotional fears, concerns, and to promote feelings of peace and confidence.
  • Cypress and Tangerine - 20 drops each of these oils in a base of fractionated Coconut oil is what I keep in a 2 oz. dropper bottle.  Massage onto your feet, ankles and even calves when they start to look like sausages.  Cypress is a great support for healthy circulation and one you will DEFINITELY want to have on hand for directly after labor.
  • Lavender - oh you swiss army knife of oils!  This one is super handy when those Braxton Hicks contractions turn into Prodromal labor and you need to calm that uterus down! Lavender in an Epsom Salt bath is heavenly for sore tired back and muscles.  I also massage this with a little coconut oil into my baby bump just about daily.
  • Helichrysum - this is an oil worth investing in, while it may not be as budget friendly as Cypress, Tangerine and Lavender, it has very specific healing properties that make it so beneficial to skin and other delicate tissue.  Along with Rosemary, Frankincense, Geranium and Lavender it is a key ingredient in my Post partum Padsicles!   See the graphic below for the recipe that will literally save your bum after birthing baby!  I make at least 12-15 of these pads and have them ready to go in my freezer.
YL 3rd trimester (1).png

Labor & Delivery support

I make sure that my travel oil bag is stocked with all the important Young Living Essential oils to support me in labor and do NOT forget to bring your diffuser.  I recently learned of the benefits of post partum leg massage with Cypress from one of my FAVORITE instagram accounts, that of Lindsey Meehleis an amazing homebirth midwife in CA.   If you aren't following her... you should be!  She also mentioned how important Valor and Transformation blends have been in the births she has assisted.  I can personally speak about the ABSOLUTE amazing ways Valor supports women in labor.  I could not get enough of its calming, grounding and confidence boosting aroma during my 4th son's delivery when my husband had been admitted to the hospital at the same moment I was being admitted to Labor & Delivery in full blown labor  Trust me, you NEED this oil with you wherever you deliver your baby!  Check out the graphic below for the other oils you do NOT want to be without. 

YL Labor & delivery.png

Because I feel to ignore the needs of newborn babies and post partum mamas would just not be right... check out these next graphics for other oils that became must haves for me in caring for my newborns, supporting lactation and supporting healthy hormones and mood after delivery!

YL Newborn care (1).png
YL Nursing Mamas.png
YL Baby Blues.png

So, mamas... remember... #1 tip - HIRE A DOULA and #2 tip - DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR OILS!!!  Have you used essential oils in your delivery room (whether that be at home or a hospital)?  If you don't have your own, don't forget to click HERE to get started with my full support, including reference guides specifically for pregnancy and babies, as well as a full reference book for all the things!

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