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Citrus Oils & Glutathione = Strong Healthy Cells

Citrus Oils & Glutathione = Strong Healthy Cells

When I learned about a genetic mutation I had called MTHFR (check out the blog post dedicated to that bad boy), I learned about an incredibly important co-enzyme in oxidation-reduction at the cellular level called Glutathione (GSH). Why might you want to know a little more about both the “Mother F’er” gene (as it is lovingly referred to in our home) and this little compound? Because there is a HIGH likelihood that you, too, have the mutation and need to be paying attention to the benefits of supporting healthy Glutathione levels. I want strong, healthy cells, don’t you!? Let’s learn more about GSH and the amazing Citrus Essential Oils that support it…

What do healthy Glutathione levels do?

  • It increases energy

  • slows down the aging process

  • reduces muscle and joint discomfort

  • strenghtens the Immune system

  • helps prevent cancer

  • removes free radicals & heavy metals from the body

  • recycles antioxidants for re-use in the body

  • it is the master detoxifier & most powerful antioxidant

  • controls inflammation

  • improves mental clarity & focus

Check out this graphic that shows what LOW Glutathione can lead to, and you see why it is incredibly important to support this critical compound.


So, here is the good news… while getting more sleep, eating sulfur rich foods, and getting adequate Selenium and Vitamin C can all improve Glutathione levels, research has shown that the use of Citrus Essential oils greatly improves Glutathione production. Those delicious mood and metabolism boosting essential oils, like Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange, and Tangerine support the body in what it was designed to do at the cellular level! Check out THIS study, and THIS study, and THIS study!


Now, not all Essential oils are created equally! We can only recommend the use of Young Living’s Essential oils, as they are the only company with the Seed to Seal Guarantee, as well as an FDA approved dietary line of essential oils approved for ingestion, of which these citrus oils are a part . I put either Lemon, Lime, Tangerine or Grapefruit in my large Stainless steel cup of water every day. I apply Orange, Lime, or Bergamot to my wrists or over my heart each day. I love our Citrus Fresh blend that includes Orange, Mandarin, Tangerine, Lemon and a dash of Spearmint! I love to mix a drop or two into my vanilla protein smoothie for a citrus creamsicle that supports my metabolism and healthy Glutathione levels! I also replaced my originally toxic perfume with a roller bottle of Citrus Fresh, Fractionated Coconut oil and a dash of Vanilla (YUM!).

Want to know more about how to strengthen your Immune system and support your body from the cellular level? Want to know more about these hardly spoken of, but COMMON genetic mutations that could explain so much about why you struggle with the things you do? Put your answers in the comments and let’s get cranking on feeling, knowing and doing better!

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