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5 tips for Surviving Flu/Cold Season

5 tips for Surviving Flu/Cold Season

Every winter season, the country braces itself for flu and cold season.  Flu shot signs are posted outside of every doctors office, drug store, and pharmacy.  But, the truth is... they are NOT efficacious.  Each year, they tout at best success rates in the teens of percentages.  Looking at the inserts are not comforting either.  The risks you take on for negligable protection are scary.  Pregnant and nursing mothers are considered "special populations" and there has been no data collected and no studies done on the safety of flu shots for pregnant and nursing mamas and their babies.  They provide manufacturer contact info and ask that those taking the vaccine report any reactions.  Being pregnant or nursing during the past seven flu season (no joke y'all)... I chose to find a better way!  I work in healthcare and come into contact with positive flu patients EVERY season, and we stay well!  

So, here are my best tips to keep your body's immune system supported and avoid those nasty bugs!

1.  CUT THE SUGAR!  Ok folks, I know it isn't convenient.  I LOVE it, too!  But, sugar is NOT our friend, especially during the "sick season".  Just 20 teaspoons of sugar can reduce your White Blood Cells ability to engulf bacteria by 50% !!!!!!  We need those White Blood Cells to engulf bacteria at optimal levels at this time of year (and let's admit it... always).  Sugar is hiding in everything and it is assaulting our immune systems.  So, do yourself a favor and cut it out... if you start to feel that sore throat precursor to the fall (as in falling ill)... make sure you STOP IMMEDIATELY.  Your body has work to do, and it needs to be able to do so efficiently.  

2.   CUT THE PROCESSED FOOD!  So, we know pre-packaged and processed foods are full of preservatives, fillers, inflammatory foods, and often... SUGAR.  Your immune system's function depends on your gut health.  So, eat nutrient dense foods that will fill your gut and support your microbiome, providing much needed whole food vitamins and nutrients.  DO eat lots of leafy greens, DO fill your plate with naturally colorful foods - a variety of those colors - to ensure you are getting a variety of vitamins and nutrients.  

3 . GARLIC - it doesn't just keep Vampires away... did you know that raw Garlic is one of nature's most powerful antibiotics and anti-virals?  When freshly crushed, the powerful component of Allicin is able to be released and used by the body for its good.  If you can't handle raw, crushed garlic... there are several supplements whose label suggests that it contains active Allicin and I've had success in using these Garlic tabs when unable to get my hands on raw garlic.

4.  VITAMIN C - Two time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling, stated that "Nearly all disease can be traced to a nutritional deficiency".  One of the most important Vitamins in Immune Support is Vitamin C .  It is a great anti-oxidant and our white blood cells depend on it to function optimally!  Mega-dosing, while controversial, has proven effective in keeping people above the wellness line.  The adults in our family look for their bowel tolerance.  We take up to 3,000 - 4,000 mg  3-4 times a day without loose stools.  If you find you have diarrhea, you need to back up the dose until all is well and find your own personal tolerance level.  We have rotated between typical Ascorbic Acid (water soluble), Whole food C supplements (both with and without essential oils infused like Super C and Ningxia Red), and Liposomal C (fat soluble)! 

5.  IMMUNE SUPPORTING ESSENTIAL OILS - Thieves was one of the first oils that had me HOOKED on Young Living.  I'd tried many different brands (for more on that go here) and when I used Thieves, the results were so quick I knew there was something so pure and potent about Young Living's essential oils.  During flu and cold season, our family keeps a roller bottle of Thieves on us at all times and we "Oil Up" early and often!  I roll Thieves, diluted in coconut oil, down my children's spines and cover their feet in it.  We re-apply when we are heading into the grocery store or the playground, we diffuse it at home and in our bedrooms and night.  If anyone starts to feel like they are coming down with any of the yuck... like a sore throat... we apply the Flu Bomb roller blend over their lymph nodes in the head and neck (under the chin) and on their feet.  It's packed with immune supporting oils that are powerful!

We also love that we have lots of options to rotate our Immune supporting oils, like Mountain Savory, Egyptian Gold blend (which includes Biblical oils like Myrrh, Hyssop, Balsam, etc.), Thyme, Oregano, Tea Tree, and Frankincense.  We are able to even dilute these oils properly allowing us to diffuse and topically apply them to every member of the house from the Baby to Grandma! 


We are thankful that Young Living has worked with the FDA and created the Vitality line of dietary oils that are safe for ingestion.  They've also designed things like the Thieves Hard Lozenges, Inner Defense Capsules, etc. that allow one to support their immune system in quick and convenient ways.  

Diffusing, applying topically and taking internally has been a game changer for me.  There was a time that I would catch all the viruses my patients at the hospital brought my way... but NOT ANYMORE!!!!  

Now, these are just a few simple tips... these have worked wonders for my family!!!  We hope and pray your family avoids the yuck that is running rampant.  Choose a better way for your family.  Address your nutrition, add supplements, and OIL UP!

Need to get some Immune supporting oils into your life?  Go HERE! 

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